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Akshay Rawat
(Chartered Accountant)

RABBIT 'N TORTOISE PLAYSCHOOL AND DAYCARE, PUNE The unique position that we hold, the children, their teachers and the richness in academics, sports, extra-curricular opportunity we provide.

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Sunil Patil

The early years education focuses on providing practical, hands-on activities and environments that encourage creative play. In the playschool, the emphasis is on developing pupils’ artistic expression and social capacities, fostering both creative and analytical modes of understanding.


has opened an Exclusive Day Care in Pimple Saudagar Although all our play schools have day care centre as well.Kids who are below 1 year 6 months and are above 6 years of age are not part of School programming. They are just part of Day Care programme.

At the very outset let us make it clear that we at RABBIT 'N TORTOISE are not pseudo parents as parents can never be replaced by any other person. Yet knowing all this we fall in love with the child in such a way as if the child is our own family member. The inner atmosphere of RABBIT 'N TORTOISE daycare is so that sometimes the parents of kids envies their own kids because they see their child enjoying to the fullest.

We at RABBIT 'N TORTOISE daycare make no big claims but prove it through our track record of care giving that includes development of all aspects of child’s personality. We serve only vegetarian meals which obviously are as healthy as any mother would serve to her child. From breakfast to lunch and from afternoon meals to evening snacks the feeding are very well taken care of keeping in mind that “if kid has her stomach full then we have less work to do”.!

The hygiene part is kept in mind all through. the after hours of play schooling (which goes complimentary with the daycare) are filled with learning sessions. Kids do arts and crafts, drawing and paintings, writing practice of alphabets and numbers and of course playing indoor and outdoor games in such a way that they channelize their energies in a healthy way. The doctor (god forbid) is always on call and all the attendants are well trained in first aid, if in case, it is needed. Our kids stand out in the crowd as they become very open, balanced in all ways and shade off shyness and hesitations which makes them more lovable and attractive.