Educational Practices

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The RABBIT 'N TORTOISE approach to early childhood education is experiential and sensory based. The emphasis is on providing worthwhile practical activities for children to imitate, allowing them to learn through example.

The schedule is oriented around a well-ordered and harmonious daily routine that emphasizes rhythmic experience of the day, week, month and seasons, Extensive time is given for guided free play in a classroom environment that is homelike, includes natural materials and provides examples of productive work in which children can take part. Outdoor play period are also generally included in the school day, providing children with experiences of nature, weather and the seasons of the year. Oral language is developed with songs , poems , movement games and daily stories our recited by the teacher. Aids to development via play generally consists of simple materials that can be transformed imaginatively to fit a wide variety of purposes. For example the use of joining games are simple in order to allow children to employ and strengthen their imagination and creativity. Pre School and kindergarten programs generally include seasonal festivals drawn from a variety of traditions with attention placed on the tradition.