Admissions are open in all the branches

Welcome to RABBIT 'N TORTOISE admissions are open in all the branches of RABBIT 'N TORTOISE

Orientation program for all the student

RABBIT 'N TORTOISE has organized orientation program to welcome all the new students in the family of RABBIT 'N TORTOISE

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Mrs Thakkar
(Pimple Saudagar)

I have admitted my sone recently to the RABBIT 'N TORTOISE school Pimple Saudagar and i am very happy with the results of activeness and happiness i have seen on the face of my son, he is always eager to go to the day care, with your help guys i can do job

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Mr. Garewal
(Pimple Saudagar)

We are very happy with the quality of education and care taken for the kids, we would like to recommend RABBIT 'N TORTOISE to all the parents

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Mr. And Mrs. Puri

RABBIT 'N TORTOISE is the best best playschool and day care of Rahatani and Pimple Saudagar

This website has been designed to give you a glimpse of the life at RABBIT 'N TORTOISE PLAYSCHOOL AND DAYCARE, PUNE. The unique position that we hold, is in the richness in academics, sports, extra-curricular activities that we provide. The early years education focuses on providing practical, hands-on activities and environments that encourage creative play. In the playschool, the emphasis is on developing pupils’ artistic expression and social capacities, fostering both creative and analytical modes of understanding.

We aim to not just impart knowledge, but also to inculcate in them – wisdom, compassion and a humanitarian spirit. Throughout the approach stresses the role of the imagination and places a strong value on integrating academic, practical and artistic pursuits. During the first development stage (under 6 years old) children primarily learn through empathy imitation of their environment and RABBIT 'N TORTOISE Playschool therefore stimulate pupils desire to engage with the world by offering a range of practical activities. The educator’s task is to present worthwhile models. Children are also given daily opportunities for creative, imaginative play. The early years seeks to imbibe the child with a sense that the world is good. RABBIT 'N TORTOISE considers children’s cognitive, emotional and behavioural development to be interlinked.